紅色警戒 0條土石流潛勢溪流,座落於 0縣(市)、 0鄉(鎮市區)、 0村(里)
紅色警戒 0 處大規模崩塌潛勢區,座落於 0縣(市)、 0 鄉(鎮市區)、 0 村(里)
黃色警戒 0條土石流潛勢溪流,座落於 0縣(市)、 0鄉(鎮市區)、 0村(里)
黃色警戒 0 處大規模崩塌潛勢區,座落於 0縣(市)、 0 鄉(鎮市區)、 0 村(里)


中文 英文
土石流災害防救措施相關作業程序 Operating Procedures Related to Debris Flow Disaster Prevention and Rescue
土石流災害防救業務計畫 Debris Flow Disaster Prevention and Response Operation Plan
土石流災害預報與警報作業程序 Operating Procedures for Forecasting and Warning of Debris Flow Disasters
土石流災害緊急應變小組 Debris flow Disaster Emergency Action Team
土石流災情蒐集與通報作業程序 Operating Procedures for Collection and Reporting of Debris Flow Disaster Information
土石流防災教育暨宣導實施要領 Implementation Guidelines for Debris Flow Disaster Prevention Education and Publicity
土石流防災疏散避難作業程序 Operating Procedures for Debris Flow Disaster Evacuation
土石流防災疏散避難計畫 Debris Flow Disaster Prevention and Evacuation Program
土石流防災疏散避難規劃 debris flow evacuation planning
土石流防災疏散避難演練 debris flow evacuation drills
土石流防治工程 debris flow control engineering
土石流潛勢溪流 potential debris flow torrent
土石流警戒基準值 rainfall threshold value for debris flow warning
山坡地 slopeland
中央災害防救會報 National Disaster Prevention and Response Council (NDPRC)
中央災害應變中心 Central Disaster Emergency Operation Center (CDEOC)
水土保持之處理與維護 soil and water conservation
水庫集水區 reservoir watershed
生態系統 ecosystem
危險度 degrees of danger
地區災害防救計畫 Regional Disaster Prevention and Response Plan
地理資訊資料庫 geographic information database
行政院災害防救委員會 National Disasters Prevention and Protection Commission, the Executive Yuan (NDPPC)
行政院國家搜救指揮中心 National Rescue Command Center of the Executive Yuan
災害防救法 Disaster Prevention and Response Act
災害防救基本計畫 Disaster Prevention and Response Basic Plan
災害防救演練 disaster prevention and response drills
災害預報與警報 disaster forecast and warning
災害緊急應變 disaster emergency response
災害應變組織 disaster emergency operation organizations
防止二次災害 prevention of repeated disasters
防止土石流二次災害暨復原重建作業程序 Operating Procedures for Prevention of Repeated Debris Flow Disasters and for Recovery and Reconstruction
防汛期 flood control season
防災訓練 disaster prevention training
防災教育 disaster prevention education
防災設施 disaster prevention facilities
防災演練 disaster prevention drills
治山防災工程 erosion and sediment control engineering
保全對象 protected objects
降雨預報 rainfall forecasting
特定水土保持區 Designated Soil and Water Conservation Area
堆積區 deposition area
崩塌 landslide
教育宣導 education and publicity
教育訓練 education and training
疏散路線 evacuation route
復原重建 recovery and reconstruction
減災 disaster mitigation
發生區 source area
超限利用 overuse
集水區 watershed area
農村聚落 rural village
境況模擬 scenario simulation
緊急處理 emergency treatment
緊急搜救 emergency rescue
緊急運送 emergency transportation
緊急醫療救護 emergency medical care
維生管線 lifeline
輸送段 transportation section
臨時收容所 temporary shelters
避難收容 evacuation shelters
避難處所 shelter
警告標誌 warning sign